Welcome to my website. I recently joined the Theoretical High Energy Physics group at Mainz University as a professor. 
The focus of my research group is on physics beyond the standard model and cosmology. I'm trying to figure out why there is more matter than anti-matter in the Universe, what dark matter is made of and what kind of new physics the LHC might detect.

Some of my current and recent interests:
  • Finding dark matter at current and future colliders
  • Using gravitational waves to probe dark sectors
  • The relaxion mechanism as solution to the hierarchy problem
  • Composite dark matter sectors and their phenomenology
  • Long lived particles and non-standard collider signatures at the LHC
To find out more check out my News page or directly find my papers on Inspire.

If you are interested in doing your Bachelor, Master of PhD thesis in my group, please contact me. 

Recent and future talks, conferences, lectures:
Herbstschule für Hochenergiephysik, Maria Laach, Sept. 6 - 16
Lattice for BSM 2016, Argonne, April 21 - 22
Dark Matter at the LHC 2016, Amsterdam, March 30 - April 1
BCTP, University of Bonn, Jan. 18, 2016
Dark Matter at a Future Hadron Collider, Fermilab, Dec. 4-6, 2015
GGI Florence, Oct. 5-16
ELISA Cosmology workshop in Stavanger, Sept. 22-25

Events organised:
4-Week program The TeV Scale: A threshold to new physics, MITP Mainz, June 12 - July 7, 2017
Gravitational Waves and Cosmology workshop, DESY, Oct. 10-14, 2016
Dark Matter at a Future Hadron Collider, Fermilab, Dec. 4-6, 2015

Latest news

pedro.schwaller, Emerging Jets
Feb 20, 2015